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Helper boys lose to San Rafael in close match

Sun Advocate reporter

San Rafael came to town to play Helper Junior High and both teams gave a good performance to the crowd. The game started off fast paced as both teams were anxious to score and ended with San Rafael winning 59-42. This resulted in numerous turnovers, neither team was able to capitalize on their defensive efforts very often.

Poor passing added to the turnovers and with each steal the fast breaks were amazing to watch. The first quarter ended 15-7 with San Rafael leading.

The pace never slowed in the second and the game continued to be an exhibition of raw talent and youth full of energy. San Rafael had several steals which kept Helper at bay as far as shots off.

The clock ticked down to zero in the second quarter with San Rafael leading 25-18.

Third quarter play didn't unveil any new strategy to speak of, both teams had some difficulty handling the ball but overall they players seemed to be in their zones. The third ended with a score of 47-24 much of these points came from threes as San Rafael dropped several big shots from beyond the arc.

The fourth quarter proved to be critical as Helper tried to make a run at the lead. They shut down San Rafael's offense more than once but their efforts came too late.

The gap in score closed to 17 as the final seconds ticked down to San Rafael winning.

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