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Pinnacle boys basketball takes on Canyon View for loss

Sun Advocate reporter

The boys game started out at a very fast place on Jan. 27. Both teams raced up and down the court while Canyon View went ahead for an early lead and eventually won by 50-49. Halfway through the first quarter Canyon View was ahead 9-4. This total was due to the Panthers not having much luck with their shots. Canyon View hit two three-pointers early and continued all night. With such a fast paced game being played ball control was crucial and the Cougars were fairing much better than the Panthers. The Panthers struggled after several intercepted passes and steals, in addition to feeling the pressure from the Cougars full-court press.

Pinnacle had a few passes end up in the bleachers as the first quarter drew to a close with a score of 18-7 for Canyon View. The Cougars were very effective with ball control and the execution of plays. Pinnacle made a few shots in the second and tried to rally for a tie but missed shots plagued them. The game was very physical and both teams racked up fouls. The half was exciting to watch as both teams played hard and fought for loose balls. The score at halftime was 34-25 with Canyon View enjoying a comfortable lead.

The second half opened with Pinnacle hitting a three. From there Pinnacle rallied to close the gap on the scoreboard. Defense improved for both teams but were still able to play the run and gun style that had been shown since the first quarter. With 3:41 left in the third quarter Pinnacle took the lead 42-40. The Panthers hit a couple threes in the second half as they tried to extend their lead. Canyon View fired back when they dropped from beyond the arc with 2:10 left in the third for a 46-45 lead. The final score was 72-58 Canyon View.

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