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Mont Harmon boys beat Pinnacle in close match

Sun Advocate reporter

Mont Harmon leapt out to an early lead against Pinnacle and won 53 to 38. Better ball control by the Pirates played a big roll in the tempo of the game.

With turnovers plaguing both sides the score was low as each team struggled to find a pace suitable for their opponent. The Pirates lived up to their name as they stole the ball again and again from the Panthers.

Pinnacle scored with 2:30 left in the first quarter and from there they tried to mount a comeback before the half.

Overall the first half was dominated by Mont Harmon and it showed on the score board at the half the score was 27-15.

Rebounding which is crucial seemed to be a problem for the Panthers as they lost a lot of boards both on offense and defense to the Pirates.

The second half the Panthers showed a lot of heart but couldn't come back.

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