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Carbon superintendent to step down

Patsy Bueno in May 2007 when then Utah Governor Jon Huntsman visited the school district.

Sun Advocate reporter

During the Carbon County School Board meeting on Jan.13, Superintendent Patsy Bueno announced her retirement after a total of 38 years of service for Carbon County School District. During board member reports, Barry Deeter, board president, announced that Bueno would step down. All board members and several people in attendance expressed their gratitude for her hard work and commitment that she showed towards her position.

Other reports focused on training sessions members had attended in Salt Lake City. They offered positive comments relating to the different information members had acquired. Throughout the meeting, the point was made several times that continuing education is important and helps all involved.

Carbon High School went before the board to receive funding for needed repairs for their baseball field. They had previously submitted plans for repairs and expected funding that would be necessary. Jones and Demille Engineering drew up plans and were in attendance to answer any questions that the board presented. More than 20 companies submitted bids for service to the school. Nelson Construction was awarded the job.

The project will focus on drainage issues in the outfield. New piping will take the water off the field into a new line which will connect to the football field drains as well. The main project goal is to have the quality of the field increase in time for the season's first games. Construction is expected to be completed by the middle of March.

The school board has a rule that newly proposed policies must undergo three separate readings before they are adopted. These readings allow the board or anyone else to find items needing to be changed or to determine aspects of the language of the document that need to be changed as well.

The first policy to come before the board was the Special Education Program. The district has never had a special education policy included, so it is a new policy that needs to be worked out. The state must approve the policy. Pat Frandsen, special education director, noted that Utah has already approved the submitted copy. The special education system currently in place serves 605 kids in the various programs offered at different schools. The number is likely to rise in January. Head count is taken every month. Frandsen said that programs are doing well and helping a lot of children who need it. The only problem is that funding has never increased for the program. even though operating costs have.

The school board also discussed the building rental policy. Several mistakes were found relating to the language of the document. Also, some key issues were not addressed. One such issue was the absence of a hold harmless clause. This would ensure that when a building is rented, the school district cannot be held responsible in the event of injury to anyone at such an event.

Future readings and evaluations will take place at upcoming board meetings.

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