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Shoplifter causes commotion in Helper

Sun Advocate reporter

Workmen's Market in Helper was locked down as a result of a shoplifting attempt gone awry last Thursday.

Late in the morning Carbon County Sheriff's Department responded on to a call from Brandon Giacoletto reporting an attempted shoplifting. Giacoletto was keeping an eye on the front of the store near the registers when he reportedly noticed that the suspect had removed a lighter from a display. He waited patiently until the customer had paid and then asked for his lighter back.

The man attempted to pull a slight of hand move but Giacoletto wasn't impressed. Giacoletto then called police and the suspect tried to push past him so the staff locked the doors to the store so no one could get out.

At that point the suspect reportedly made a threat on Giacoletto's life.

The Sheriff's Department responded quickly and took the suspect into custody. As they were arresting him he made the comment that he wanted to press charges of assault since he was being arrested.

Giacoletto pointed out during an interview later that day that no one was injured during the ordeal.

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