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Letter to the editor: Obamacare revisited

By M.L.Stock
East Carbon


Once again, I find it necessary to respond to Robert L. Warren concerning a letter he wrote(Letters the the Edtior, Jan. 5, Sun Advocate) criticizing Obama and anyone who agrees with him.

First lets go back to the eight years preceding Obama's administration under Dick Cheney. He said "It did not matter that we had gone from the most admired nation to the the most hated nation on the globe." With the exception of the extermination of the Jews they did everything the Nazis did. They made an unprovoked and unjustified attach on a serene state just to benefit the oil cartel. They committed torture, which Obama has ordered to be stopped. As far as the medicare advantage it should never have started, and definitely the subsidy from medicare amounts to $118 dollars per subscriber compared to $100 dollars for people like myself on regular medicare.

His choice of words is quite peculiar when he said " They gave the physicians a 21 percent pay increase which is an out right lie."

What Obama did was to prevent a 21 percent cut in pay, which would have made it a lot harder for a person on medicare to find a doctor to treat them.

The only thing I disliked about George Bush was that he did everything that Dick Cheney told him to, except pardon Libby.

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