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Skate to the finish

A pair of skaters have a lot of fun during the skating party on Saturday.

Sun Advocate publisher

While it is often a standard joke in stand up comedy routines about men having the choice between watching football or ice skating, the sport of gliding over the ice is not a namby pamby sport that many place on it.

In fact it can be downright brutal, and every bit as tough as anything that goes on during gridiron play.

Skating is has as many facets as any speed or skill sport can have. Include hockey in that group of sports and no one will dispute it isn't tough.

Anyone who knows about skating knows that just standing up on them can be a challenge, much less going speeds that rival bicycles, maneuvers that are equal to basketball or checks that compare to chunking into an NFL lineman.

To top it all off, ice is hard and cold, and it is very unforgiving.

The Carbon County outdoor ice rink (located at the fairgrounds) sees skaters with finesse and others with power. Some use hockey sticks as their tools while others look to jumps to do their thing.

On Saturday, Price Recreation and KUSA radio held a special ice skating day, giving away free food and free use of ice skates to get people interested in using the county owned rink. With between 50 and 60 people on the ice most of the time it, was a huge success.

The rink is open almost anytime except Mondays when the rink is resurfaced. The county has installed automatic lighting so it can be used in the evening and there is a fire pit in the area for people who want to have a fire.

The rink is located west of the main fairgrounds buildings and northeast of the motocross track.

For more information residents can call the fairgrounds at 636-3214.

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