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Sunnyside council advised of new duties from mayor

Sun Advocate reporter

Sunnyside city has sworn in its councilmembers and new mayor Doug Parson then they started the new year by paying a few expenses from the previous one. First the council agreed to bill East Carbon City for 1/3 of the new public safety building's expenses, which include utilities, maintenance and insurance. It then took care of the city's payables which came to a total of $16,235,16.

"I think it would be easier if we let them (East Carbon City) know they are paying a third of it every month," said councilwoman Sheri Madrid on the subject of how often the bill should go out.

Currently according to the city, Sunnyside pays 2/3 of the new building's above expenses and will now start billing East Carbon City monthly for the remainder.

The council also went forward and appointed councilwoman Nola Porter to oversee Community Daze. The event was hosted last year in East Carbon, but the council has full intentions of bringing it to Sunnyside for 2010.

"It's our turn to host Community Daze and we will go ahead with it," said Mayor Parson.

The mayor also appointed duties to councilmembers for his term. Tony Riffle will oversee the fire department, Froy Garcia will look after parks and recreation, Nola Porter will do planning and zoning and Sheri Madrid will take over the mayor's position in his absence.

Finally the council will be looking into civic and criminal cases that are handled through the East Carbon Justice court. It was brought up that the city has the right to go through a professional collections agency except for small claims which must go through the East Carbon justice court. The council wants to know if it is necessary for the agencies to attend the local court since they far off.

"There are collection agencies in Salt Lake and Provo, we need some clarification," said Councilwoman Madrid.

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