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An introduction to your computer

An introduction to your computer. Click HERE for a larger, easier-to-read version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Sun Advocate

Computers are very interesting pieces of technology that continue to change and evolve at such an incredible and rapid pace.

We were introduced to them over a century ago. At that time, computers were as large as gymnasiums and were composed of hundreds of transistors and vacuum tubes. They certainly weren't household friendly.

Since then, computers are now far smaller and made up of intricate micro-circuitry. Today's computers are many, many times more powerful than their predecessors, and at a fraction of the size.

Often times, the smallest computers are just under our noses. MP3 players (i.e. "iPods"), PDAs, NetBooks and even cell phones are miniature computers - although they lack much of the hardware that notebook and desktop computers have.

What makes them "tick" is often as intriguing as what they are now capable of doing.

The speed in which computers and technology grows and changes is also a point if interest to many computer hobbyists.

In fact, the computer in the illustration below is only a few years old. That may not seem like a long time, but in technology terms, that's fairly significant.

However, while some of the specifics have changed, the basic components below have stayed more or less the same during the course of the past few years, but are much faster and more versatile.

And, as in times past, they will continue to grow and evolve, to further accommodate our wants and needs. They will become even more commonplace in the world as they further permeate our daily lives.

(Click on the article photo for a large screen illustration)

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