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Burglary turns into assault

Sun Advocate reporter

At around 9:40 a.m. on Dec. 20, at an apartment in North East Price, a woman was drying her hair and getting ready for work when an unknown stranger walked into her open back door. After a short time looking around, the man found himself behind the woman and as she turned around, he grabbed her.

After a brief struggle, she kicked him and was released. She then escaped outside and called the police.

The entry was not forced, but it appears that the lone suspect entered with intentions of theft.

He made off with about $50 and some medications and was never caught. Despite the close encounter, police have only a few vague details and one suspected person. They are also working on getting additional information to release.

The suspect is a male in his 30s, with no facial hair. The assaulted resident had never seen him before. Detective Susan Hyde is assigned to the case. She believes that the suspect didn't count on running into anyone once he was inside the apartment. She thinks he was surprised and grabbed the resident after she knew of his presence. Hyde also indicated that, although the door was open, rarely do cases like this arise, because burglaries typically don't happen in broad daylight or when residents are at home.

"We never see this kind of stuff. (Suspects) are usually people the residents know, or the burglaries typically happen while no one is home," said Hyde, who added that, while this case is unique, similar crimes involving burglaries have been on the rise.

"This time of year can be tough on people. They spend money on the holidays, but still have bills to pay afterward. We also have a serious drug problem," she said. Over the last couple of years, nearly all types of crime have been on the rise. In Price, burglaries have been getting more desperate, according to the detective. In three such incidents this year, she is aware of safe thefts involving $5,000 to nearly $8,000.

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