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Sewer leak brings fine

Sun Advocate reporter

The Price River Water Improvement District board had their final meeting of 2009 on Dec. 15, and the members found out that the district is being fined $21,857 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Utah State Division of Water Quality for a sewer leak that occurred earlier this year.

The fine is presently in draft form and is expected to be appealed. The appeal which will focus on lowering the amount of the fine as well as trying to get the money that could be used for upgrades on the districts system.

The leak was caused by a corroded steel pipe which was not originally put in place by PRWID. The system was built in the 1970's and the portion that failed was replaced in the 1980's when the highways bridge was widened. Steel pipes, which are not supposed to be used in sewer construction because of corrosion issues, were the culprit incident. No one is sure who put in the line and no blame is being issued.

Other items covered during the board meeting included the following.

The newest addition to their motor fleet, a new 3/4 ton Ford purchased from Community Motors was sent to Salt Lake City for service outfitting. That service will includes adding storage compartments to the bed. The new unit will replace a Ford Ranger, that has been declared surplus and will be going on the auction block.

This month PRWID is also sending off their total toxic organics sample to a testing laboratory. Samples are taken every three years and are used to make sure no illegal materials are being dumped into the Price River.

The new generator at the water treatment facility is almost online. Cummins Rocky Mountain is the company that provided the unit. CRM's employee's now have to come to the plant, wire it up and make sure that nothing is wrong before it starts up.

The Henry Sewer project has been green lighted and is operational now. However the Martin Sewer has been put on hold until temperatures rise again. Work on it will probably commence in February.

Jeff Richens, the districts manager, reported to the board that some individuals have been taking water without paying for it. Several PRWID employee's were aware of a few men filling up 55 gallon drums with water from a wash out hose. The men were told to stop but continued to take the water. Jeff said he was called and he also told the men to stop. The issue was not reported to the police and no action was taken. However, in the future police action may become necessary if the problem occurs again. The board agreed that even though the amount that was being taken was miniscule, the fact is that when someone takes something without paying for it, it is still theft.

It was also pointed out that the meeting was the last that Helper Mayor Mike Dalpiaz and Wellington Mayor Karl Houskeeper would attend. Houskeeper has been on the board for many, many years. They were honored at an earlier meeting for their service.

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