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Carbon County budget ready to go for 2010

Sun Advocate reporter

Carbon County has approved its 2010 budget. Although some areas were overspent, the county funds surplus should cover them. The error represents and covers a diverse range of items. One of the biggest areas of oversight was the new emergency services building bond payment, which came to an additional $29,000. Other areas were the wildland fire funds and some GIS funds.

According to County Accountant, Robert Perro, most of the problems were a result of a formula error. He said that the surplus should be well able to handle the additions. Currently, the surplus funds amount to $8,475,408. As the budget is only a forecast of future county spending, this surplus represents a total before the above expenditures were withdrawn.

The total 2010 budget for Carbon County comes to around $13,472,969 in general funds. However, several other funds were approved including $9,216,857 for municipal services and $5,890,000 for the Recreation Transportation Special Services District (RTSSD).

A few other significant funds are in place, including the County Building Authority (CBA) at $11,369,911. The CBA oversees projects such as the senior citizens center, as well as other large scale undertakings.

The county is also owed around $512,000 in delinquent taxes for 2009.

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