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Price council approves projects

Sun Advocate reporter

Price City has given the go-ahead to several measures that will further city projects, but will also generate expenditures. According to the approved consented agenda from Dec. 16, the city will spend around $910,453.92 on a total of five projects and change orders.

According to City Engineer, Gary Sonntag, the change orders reflect a variety of issues relating to a variety of projects. They include items ranging from asphalt types to curb and gutter issues.

"With projects such as water and sewer line replacements, it's not uncommon to run into things that could not be foreseen," said Sonntag.

The council also paved the way for a few other budget items, including a resolution to change the total principal sum of the water and sewer revenue bonds. The resolution, which relates to bids taken for sewer work, came in about $879,000 short of the budgeted amount of $1,729,000. The total is now $850,000.

Aside from the budget issues, an accounting fraud policy was on the agenda, but was tabled due to the council's desire to review it in greater depth.

"The policy is to alert employees of red flags and show them what procedures to follow." said City Accountant. Pat Larsen, by phone. "We really didn't have anything in place and we really need to get something."

Mayor Piccolo also addressed the issue of a grant for which the city could apply which could provide money for upgrading street lights. The project is an initiative to help municipalities replace their current lights with more energy- efficient options.

"I think Price City could get $200,000 for this," said the mayor. "It saves about $60 per poll per year in energy and labor fees and it costs $450 per (new) lamp."

The city will consider applying for the grant.

Finally, the city approved its new schedule for the year and will also consider ATV issues related to the Dino Mine park area.

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