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Matheson delivers greetings from local school children

Congressman Jim Matheson delivered hand-made holiday greeting cards from Utah schoolchildren to injured soldiers this week, during a visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

"Talking to these young heroes-many of whom have spent months receiving treatment for their war injuries-is inspiring and humbling," said Matheson. "They are the faces of our nation's ongoing effort to combat terrorism and to protect us from distant threats. Words don't do justice to the example they set for courage and commitment."

Matheson said he hoped that the cards he delivered from third, fourth and fifth-grade school children at Sally Mauro Elementary in Helper, along with others helped the troops know that Utahns honor their service and wish them a speedy recovery. Matheson said several of the students attached their photos to their cards, as a way to personalize their greetings.

Matheson said one soldier he met who was hit by an IED in Afghanistan told him that the fellow soldier who applied a tourniquet to his leg, was a Utahn. He suffered a broken pelvis where the explosive device skimmed across his body. Another soldier Matheson spoke to from Staten Island has been hospitalized since April, after his arms and legs had to be amputated.

"These individuals have given their all for their country and for their fellow soldiers. It's a sobering reminder of how much we are-and will continue to be-in their debt," said Matheson.

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