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East Carbon City discovers overstated municipal budget

Sun Advocate reporter

East Carbon City has found its budget overstated by around $295,000, and as a result the city council has been forced to trim $365,000 from general funds. The additional money came from a Community Impact Board (CIB) fund, which was intended only for the city water budget, however in addition to being in the water budget, it was also put into general funds.

"It was an oversight, (but) we're going to have to (make the cuts). We tried to be as even as possible, the police department won't be touched and very little has been taken from the fire department," said councilman Andy Urbanik.

Currently the city is about 42 percent through their fiscal year and the council called an emergency meeting on Dec. 1, to discuss the problem and make some revisions. The final budget including the cuts will likely be approved during the next scheduled city meeting on Dec. 22.

During the regular scheduled meeting on Dec. 8 the council discussed the budget although it was not the primary focus. Councilman Urbanik wanted a full recount of the city retreat earlier this summer which came to about $10,000, and indicated that he wanted a full plan on how the event could be better pursued in the future. However other items came before the council including a contract with Sunnyside city which was approved for shared court fee system between the cities. The system allocates a break down of court fees and fines in the amounts of 60 percent for East Carbon, and 40 percent for Sunnyside.

East Carbon thus far has also been for the most part devoid of city Christmas decorations, and the council inquired the maintenance department about it.

"Most of (the city decorations) were donated by businesses, we just need something (out) that says we believe in Christmas," said councilwoman Joyce Calviness.

The council also will be spending $3,600 for the "Angle Tree," sponsored by the United way for 25 less fortunate children, $600 was from Sunnyside city.

Finally the council decided to donate $1,000 to the Boys and Girls Club, as well as have the city start buying un-dyed diesel fuel for city vehicles in an attempt to save on engine maintenance.

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