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Letter to the editor: We need to get out

By Gil Montano


To begin with, I'm as vehemently opposed to Obama's policies as I ever was to G.W Bush's policies.

Now Obama plans to send 30,000 more Americans to Afghanistan and putting billions of dollars more down the proverbial rat hole. What for?

These additional troops will be no more successful than Bush's 30,000 Iraq troop surge was. To wit: The Iraqis are still killing and bombing each other ad infinitum.

The Iraq/Afghanistan wars are lose-lose situations. More so in Afghanistan as it is a larger, less accessible, backward country with a mostly illiterate, ignorant, impoverished Muslim population. Moreover, Iraq/Afghanistan are of no vital strategic interest to the U.S.A. except to oilman Bush and associates. Bush had no business sending our troops to the Middle East. Now Obama is caught in a catch 22 situation where he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Moreover, the Taliban cannot be defeated in their own backyard. That's a given. At what point do we declare victory? Bush declared victory from the aircraft carrier years ago when he ignorantly stated, "The Iraq war is over." Absolute nonsense.

The facts are that we need to get out of the Middle East now just like we did in Vietnam without needlessly sacrificing any more troops and money that can better be spent constructively at home. Let the Taliban and Jihadists continue to kill each other to their hearts content just like they have done for centuries. That's their business, not ours.

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