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Emery Telcom Internet Expands DSL Service

Shawn Mecham, Emery Telcom technician working on the installation of the DSL service in East Carbon and Sunnyside.

Emery Telcom Internet, a subsidiary of Emery Telcom, has completed another vital link in its local DSL (digital subscriber line) network. This most recent project enables customers in Sunnyside and East Carbon to enjoy the benefits of DSL.

DSL is the technology Emery Telcom Internet uses to deliver high-speed Internet service to its customers. The most impressive feature of DSL is the increased transmission speed. DSL operates five times faster than standard modems. DSL also provides a constant connection, rather than requiring customers to "dial up" each time they use the Internet.

Emery Telcom Internet first offered DSL service in July of 2001 to the residents of central and western Carbon and Emery counties. Today, more than 1,100 customers subscribe to the service.

"The success of our DSL service demonstrates how willing the customers in Carbon and Emery counties are to accept and use new technology," says Greg Killpack, General Manager. "The percentage of customers using DSL in our service territory now exceeds the rate in most metropolitan areas of the nation."

Emery Telcom Internet also continues to offer traditional dial up internet service to several thousand local residents. As a result, the company is now the largest Internet Service Provider in southeastern and central Utah.

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