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Letter to the editor: Obscene spending

By Mark Mackiewicz


After reading your article entitled, "Pinnacle Benefits from Stimulus Funds, " (Sun Advocate, Nov. 24) I thought to myself the first thing Pinnacle Academy and the federal government should display on one of their 32 new "Elmos" is the word obscene. That is if they can find a dictionary among all the empty boxes of toys they purchased with precious tax payer money. I would vow to say that the entire Carbon County School District does not have 20 LCD projectors in all of its schools. Pinnacle now has 20, three or four to use in the average day and the rest to sit in the closet and collect dust. I cannot think of a stronger term than obscene to express my displeasure at such a waste of tax payer money.

I don't fault Pinnacle Academy in attempting to update its equipment, but just because you can get 10 and you only need two is wrong.

President Obama's stimulus program has benefitted the nation as a whole. However, this in another example where there has not been proper oversight and waste has occurred.

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