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Letter to the editor: Will report you

By Linda L. Wilson


My husband and I live on Carbonville Road and we are delighted that the road is being finished. It makes for easier traveling and safety will not be the issue it has been with the sidewalk going in.

We came back from some errands the other night and we were just standing there talking about the road and what we saw really upset us. Two vehicles, one car and one SUV type, pulled up, side by side, in front of the radio station. One was in the new turn lane and the other was in the outside lane, as if both were going to Helper. We heard someone shout "Go" and we watched in disbelief as they had a tire screeching drag race down our new road. We could have called the police but by the time they would have arrived it would be over and no one would have been caught.

The drivers of those two vehicles know they were breaking the law and this letter will not make any difference to them. Please know this however. We will be watching and we will have paper and pencil in hand. We will make sure the police are called and we will hand over the information needed to make sure you are punished. There are too many children and families living on this street, though I am not sure you even care.

Go some place else to drag race.

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