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Letter to the editor: More level headed

By Nathaniel Woodward


Over the past few weeks it appears my remarks on school age bullying has sparked some argument and anger among people of the area. I would like a second to make a final remark on the subject.

Ms. Guerrero I believe showed a more level headed approach to the subject than Ms. Jepson or I had done. Our two examples have displayed what happens when an article is written in frustration and anger. Regards to Ms. Guerrero for your thoughts. In regard to my post, I do not apologize for the meaning of the message, but I do feel it necessary to apologize to the Carbon School District, particularly the teachers. I stated that the teachers did not seem to care anymore and I believe that was wrong of me to say.

Our faculty is doing their best and though there is always room for improvement I think they lead the fight against bullies. I appreciate all you do.

Finally, though some ignorantly claim I have been sheltered I can assure you I am not, from my experiences in school to the years I spent on the streets and projects of Michigan I have seen my share of bullying and thugs and am truly frightened for the well being of our children.

I hope we all can pitch in and help our community out, especially our teachers who try so hard and deserve our respect and support. like I said, It all starts in the home.

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