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United Way reports FamilyWize savings

The United Way recently reported that the FamilyWize cards that are being used have saved people a sizable sum of money in the period of August 2009 through September 2009.

"Our savings continue to grow here in eastern Utah," said Kate Alleman, United Way director for the area.

In the year reported, the savings to people in Carbon County using it was $66,971.47. In September of 2009 along those holding cards saved $3,651.45.

In Emery County the savings between August 2008 through September 2009 was $6,831.81.

In the five county area (Carbon, Emery, Grand, Duchesne and Uintah) the overall savings through the year was $76,344.06.

According to Alleman the FamilyWize card reduces the cost for medicine by an average of 30 percent or more. It can be used by businesses for employees who don't have health insurance, part-time employees, family members who may not be covered, as well as for all employees with health insurance as a backup for medicine that isn't covered by a plan. Cards can also be used during the deductible period to make medication more affordable.

While the cards do not solve all medical costs, they do offer some relief to those in need.

The cards are available at the United Way office or on the website at to print out. To learn more about the program go to

You can also contact the local United Way office at 435 636-8911.

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