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Letter to the editor: Not making goals

By Mel Coonrod


I wish I had a giant bell that could be heard all across this land like in the old folk song. People need to wake up! Energy development on public lands is critical for sustainable economic stability for virtually every western state.

President Obama and his lap dog secretary Salazar and the BLM director Abby do not give a damn what happens in Utah or the west. I sincerely believe that our President would give Utah to the Russians if he felt he could pick up a couple of votes on either coast.

It is truly unfortunate that the dedicated individuals who work in our local and state BLM offices are not being allowed to manage our public land under a multiply use concept to benefit all Americans.

We are in the worst recession in forty years and our president not only is not accomplishing his stated goals in creating jobs but in the west has done his best to eliminate the majority of the high paying jobs associated with energy development.

With the lack of energy development, we are seeing and will continue to see huge short falls in revenue generated through energy royalties, property taxes, and personal income tax.

Our state and the surrounding western states will continue to see huge budget short falls that our standing president can add to his very short list of accomplishments.

If they award a peace prize for sending western states down a river with no paddle Obama, Salazar and Abby should be a heads up favorite.

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