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Letter to the editor: Enjoy wilderness

By John L. Anderson
Salt Lake City


As I look at the sun through a thick, yellow haze, and smell more smoke and pollution, I am reminded of the cause of this unhealthy mess.

It is the extremists in the environmental movement that we can blame for these terrible conditions.

The last I heard, hundreds of people were driven from their homes in California and many buildings have been burned to the ground, impacting everyone in the this nation with higher fire insurance rates and higher health insurance costs from people getting sick from this man made pollution. How many deaths have been caused?

If the sheep and cattle were still grazing on the land, these fires would not have happened, or at least not been as severe. There would not have been as much dry grass and weeds for the fires to burn.

I look at the dead trees in our forests from the Japanese bark beetles that could have been controlled by spraying in the forest, except that this is not allowed in wilderness areas.

I look at the destruction of the area around New Harmony, where a giant fire has destroyed several houses and thousands of acres for of a week because it was in a wilderness area, and they had to let it burn.

I look at the monumental disaster of hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, and many deaths that could have been prevented by a giant seawall, except that the environmentalists kept this from being built, even though LBJ approved this necessary project in 1969.

How much more does this nation have to suffer before these crazy disasters are stopped?

I am definitely not enjoying wilderness any more than the above mentioned victims are.

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