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Traveling treasures

On display at Zions Bank in Price is a collection stunning jewelry, intricate baskets, handmade dolls, Katsinas, and sand paintings.

This 50 year old collection, courtesy of The Utah Museum of Natural History, is part of an entire collection of over 600 pieces from Dorothy Haslam. Haslam followed her passion by visiting trading posts throughout the Southwest acquiring beautiful works of Native American Art from the Navajo, Ute, Apache, Hopi, Zuni, and other tribal nations.

Traveling Treasures, a statewide exhibit, is sharing this collection with all of Utah's citizens at most Zions main offices. Errol Holt, branch manager of Zions Bank in Price, is proud to have these treasures visit his branch office.

"I like it," he says. "It is nice to see the cultures of other people."

Pictured here is a ANGWUSNASOMTAKA (crow mother katsina). Traditionally, katsina dolls helped Hopi girls identify the many different katsina spirits that visit their villages. In the background is a mudhead storyteller, a painted storyteller and a painted gourd.

They will be on display for one month.

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