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Letter to the editor: Not alone in dismay

By Wendy Guerrero


This letter is in response to Ms. Jepson's response to Mr. Woodward' letter to the editor (Sun Advocate, Letters to the editor, Nov. 3, 2009) .

I can understand that the issue of teen girls and their behavior is a touchy one. However, I think that the opinions of others should be respected and not reduced to invalid "finger-pointing."

Mr. Woodward is not alone in his dismay of the current bullying exhibited by teen girls in the community. I have been shocked by the severity and viciousness with which younger or more passive girls are treated by their peers. I can assure you I was not "sheltered" by much when I was in school and it is my opinion that the conduct of teen boys may not have drastically changed over the years, but the unhealthy manner in which teen girls treat each other has.

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