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Letter to the editor: A stellar night

By Al Gray


The 2009 fall concert was held on Saturday 17th at the Price Civic Auditorium. This was a very special event featuring the College Chamber Choir and the Price Civic Orchestra. Maestro Russell Wilson chose a rare and seldom heard combination of three of the greatest composers: Mozart, J.S. Bach, and Franz Schubert. Only the great Beethoven was in absentia, but he wouldn't have minded since he seldom heard Schubert who was the star composer.

Many musicologists, who agree on nothing, place Schubert in the same rank with Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. I personally wonder why Schubert is not on more programs. Many music lovers including myself, consider Schubert's Unfinished Symphony the most sublime of all musical compositions. He wrote 600 pieces of music and some 9 great symphonies. No. 9, "The Great" C minor rivals Beethoven's 9th. (The Chorale). The string quartets, piano music and all of his other compositions do not -contain a bad note or measure.

So much can be said about Schubert, who lived to the ripe old age of 31, but tonight's Mass in G is a good example of a delightful short Mass. I had the pleasure of playing 3rd violin about 10 years ago in this same mass in this same auditorium.

The soloist Tara Compagni, Ben Jones and Michael McCandless added to the beauty of the mass. The friendly key of G added to the listenability and delighted the string section.

The special 10 year old soloist, Dallin Grant, singing the familiar Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring delighted the audience and will go far in the vocal music field.

As always Russell Wilson conducted perfectly in this unique variety of music genre. We are fortunate to have a conductor and composer of such talent in our community.

The event was well attended by an appreciative audience.

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