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Letter to the editor: In response to...

By Jenna Rae Jepson


I would like to voice my response to the opinion article posted by Mr. Woodward about how junior high girls are out of control (Sun Advocate, Letters to the editor, Oct. 27).

Obviously the language and behaviors of our junior high and high school girls is not always appropriate. However, the opinion piece posted about it was incredibly one-sided and melodramatic.

First of all, there are plenty of young people in these schools who are doing an excellent job of navigating the difficult changes that occur during that time of life. I know this because my little sister is one of them.

Also, Mr. Woodward is only a year older than I am. I was in the same schools he was at the same times, and things are not very different. He was obviously sheltered from much of it, but I do not believe that being ignorant to the issues is any kind of help.

Also, it is wrong that only young girls were targeted in the letter. I can understand that maybe bad behavior from little girls is more shocking, but it should not, in any way, excuse the boys in our schools who act the same way.

Finally, just because someone does not use poor language or openly sexual speech does not mean that they are not being damaging. It seems to me that many of the peope criticizing the actions of our young people today have many of their own issues with questionable behaviors. I would argue that the behaviors themselves, in Carbon County, are not nearly as much the issue as is the hypocrisy with which so many people justify their finger pointing.

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