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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

After several years of doing this editorial and writing sports, I was asked to take on a new assignment recently. I was asked to find people to interview for the Person of the Week feature.

Now I am writing for the paper just to make enough money to pay for my art supplies and things. I was not really looking for a new task to take on. But I decided to try to fit it in anyway.

There were few guidelines given on who I should choose every week. I gave myself two loose rules to guide me. One was that I would not seek out the people who seem to make headlines often and I would also try to do a female one week and a male the next. I can, however, break those rules any time I want.

I first tried to come up with a list of people to approach, but that didn't really pan out. My picks have just come from the top of my head each week as I think about someone who seems to be making an impact on our community, but does not necessarily make a splash in the news.

What, at first, was just another assignment has become a fun part of my job. I have had the joy to sit down and just talk to many people I may have thought I knew, but really didn't.

One of the people I interviewed, Danette Moynier, reminded me that listening to people tell their story is a gift that gives back over a hundred fold. I have been given the opportunity to take advantage of that gift each week.

Each story has been so radically different. The fun part is that I let each person drive the interview with the things they feel are important about themselves. For some it is work, for others it is how they got to this point, and for some it is family and friends. But for each person, it is their story.

Sitting and listening as each interview has gone along, I feel their passions and triumphs. I learn what is important to them. I have picked up pieces of Carbon County's past I never knew. I have found out what leads others to make this place a home when they started out elsewhere.

It helps me see life here in this county through the eyes of others. What a treat.

There is no agenda behind the people that have been picked. Politics, religion or social status have not played a part. I hope to span a wide range of all aspects of our community as this feature goes along.

I have already listened to suggestions from others on candidates for this feature. I would also love to hear from you. I know that I do not even begin to believe I can search out and find all the interesting people that make our county click.

If you have a person that you think would make a great person to interview you can email me at

I would like to make sure we cover all our communities here in the county as well.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.

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