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Letter to the editor: In response to...

By Tammy Reed
West Jordan


In response to "our forefathers' had it right" (Sun Advocate, Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6, 2009).

I live in Salt Lake City, being native of Carbon County, my father was born in Nine Mile Canyon

I am appalled at some of these statements. Over a short period of two years of visiting Nine Mile Canyon, precious petroglyphs have gradually started to vanish, as well as anywhere you tend to look. When stated "our forefathers had it right" is an extensive erroneous statement. My ancestors were some of the first settlers in Carbon County, sent by Brigham Young; there was money to be made. If you glance into history, they were sent to sell out the Native Americans who were settled long before our forefathers' and forced to live "our way" so we could destroy what they valued. For money...

Unfortunately greed of people, power and bank accounts has been the running of all tribulations.

I spend much time in the mountains and desert, you name it. Much of that is spent with garbage bags, for garbage, and a shovel to bury human waste. Ask yourself if this contributes to anything negative to our wildlife or land. Honestly I desire it could be completely sheltered for a good three months. People could take the time to study the whole picture (or even learn where garbage goes).

Maybe they could get a good feel of what it's going to be like sooner than later.

To blame environmentalists and burning for all of this is a preposterous statement. As humans we all need to accept responsibility for what we do daily.

Recycle, preserve energy and teach your children how to respect the land... the land which is slowly dying to feed, clothe and provide incessantly for those who want to take, but do nothing in return.

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