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Letter to the editor: Wasatch Mountain National Park

By Tom Cook


I am in total agreement with Richard Shaw about creating the Wasatch national park (Sun Advocate, Let's create Wasatch Mountain National Park, Oct. 6, 2009).

If we started a crazy idea such as you have suggested maybe we could get a few Americans to see how unwise it is to lock up our natural resources by deeming them wilderness. It really bothers me when people like Robert Redford (who as we all know was the leading man in the production of "Sundance") come in, make their fortunes, and then decide that Utah is much to pretty to scar up.

I would have more respect for these earth first type of people if they weren't living in homes built with lumber from our forests, homes that are heated with natural gas from Nine Mile Canyon and using electricity generated from Utah coal.

We as Americans are struggling to pay our energy bills as it is and the major part of the problem is we are dependant on foreign energy. If you think back it was the sudden jump in gas prices that precipitated the big economic downturn that started this recession (although there were many economic problems at the time but that is another topic). It isn't going to help the problem if we lock up more resources.

I am not for going in and ripping up our forests for fire wood or strip mining without going in and reclaiming the earth. I want to have some say in what happens in my state.

I lived in Fredonia, Ariz. for a few years earlier in my life and really enjoyed hunting and playing in the Kaibab National Forest. It was the prettiest, well managed forest I have ever been in. After the environmentalist convinced the forest service that logging was endangering the spotted owl, it was only a short time before logging wasn't profitable due to the red tape and fees. That mountain had been logged for over 50 years and was well managed. Less than 20 years after logging was shut down a controlled burn got away from the forest service and burned a major portion of the forest. The trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is now an ugly reminder of what a forest looks like when just left to nature.

Environmental groups like the Sierra Club and SUWA have one thing on their mind and that is to keep their name in the news as the good guys out to save the planet, hoping we will reach in our pockets and send them some money (that's the real green that matters to them.)

If anybody has any doubts about the environmental agenda then please do some research and you will find that in the early 1980s people were concerned about global cooling.

Please think things through before you let a few people decide for all of us that more resources need to be locked up forever.

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