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Showtime comes to Price

Actors Dean Norris and Dennenesch Zeude get ready to play a scene inside Fitness World on Saturday. The film crew used a fog machine to block out some of the light from the street in the background.

Sun Advocate reporter

Hollywood came to Carbon County this past weekend as film makers turned part of Main Street into a movie set.

The movie being made, "Remember I will always love you," stars actor Dean Norris and actress Dennenesch Zeude. Film crews from Los Angeles, Germany, and Salt Lake City's "Movie, Arts and Entertainment", were on location in Price to shoot scenes for the movie.

Norris, who has been in more than 115 movies and sitcoms such as Bones, Las Vegas, Married with Children, Gremlins, the Terminator, and currently in Breaking Bad, was filmed in scenes at Fitness World along with Zeude.

"It was amazing to be a part of this movie," said Jerri Timothy, owner of Fitness World and an extra in the movie. "Watching the film crews from the makeup, to the set changes, art changes, and filming, was awesome."

The movie had two scripts, one in German and one in English.

Timothy was also asked to find extras for the movie, using some of her students and community people for some parts.

A few local businesses took on other names for the filming; Fitness World was Elite Fitness World, Oliveto's was Tick Tock Pharmacy, and The Crown Theater, again was boasting a movie name on its marquee, "In heaven no one hears you scream."

The Elks Lodge was home of the film crews' trucks for movie sets, makeup and catering.

Film crews for the movie had previously been in Salt Lake City, Moab, and were returning to Salt Lake City and Ogden to wrap up the filming.

The film will premier in Salt Lake City in 2011 and in Germany in 2010.

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