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Recreation district finalizes senior center electrical changes

Sun Advocate reporter

With the recent rapid advance of electronic equipment, specifications for the new senior citizens' center were determined to be out of date. While this was only one reason for the Recreation Transportation Special Service District (RTSSD) to make a $157,000 adjustment on Oct. 5, it has cleared the way for progress at the center's construction site.

Other concerns that prompted the change involved past performance issues relating to the electrical contractor originally chosen for the job. After an executive session, it was decided to award the contract to another company. This issue was first addressed several weeks ago and has since been discussed a number of times. With the issue settled, the center will now have up-to-date audio visuals which, along with other electrical installations, will likely be specifically inspected at the district's expense to make sure its current.

The center itself has been under construction for some time. Its geothermal wells have been drilled and foundation footings are nearing completion. Utilities will soon be installed, although the Las Vegas-based plumber originally chosen was later dropped. A new local plumber is now under consideration.

"I'm glad to hear about a local plumber being considered," said board member Bill Krompel.

Aside from discussing the center, the board also presented its financial situation for the previous eight months ending on Aug.31. According to board documents, road special service district administration expenses amounted to $931,485.03. Community Impact Board (CIB) debt payments for the period were $300,000. Total expenditures for the year were $1,903,372.57 with total fund revenues at $5,837,210.58. These figures do not compensate for carry-over from other fiscal years.

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