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Letter to the editor: Not that simple

By Steven Carter


Tom McCourts accounting (Sept. 22, Wasatch Behind, Sun Advocate) for the end of the hippie movement, saying that after Woodstock and the end of the hippie movement, they (the love children) all became tree hugging liberals is absurd. This has got to be the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard in all my life. Almost all (the hippies) that I knew become conservative yuppies. They became Republicans in a new business world.

Many of McCourts articles have been good. This one was not even close. If one is to have political views, do not hang them on something so simple minded as those liberals, or those tree hugging liberals. All those liberals are not extreme as some have been told. Many weigh in on the environment and the need for work (business). I think we need conservatives to change some of this brain washed thinking. I do not think Rush is helping the cause.

Then we have Marcy Underdahl (Sept. 22, 2009 Letters to the Editor, Sun Advocate) talking about health care. According to here all we have to do is do away with tort and government controls and the whole thing will be resolved. Wow, what was I thinking, there is no problem in health care. It's so simple. That means that the insurance companies and their executives will drop prices and their bonuses. Then the insurance companies will give up their totalitarian controls over the medical industry. Then the medical industry will lower their prices. All restraints and problems solved. Man am I relieved.

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