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Intersection light petition moving ahead

Back to school night at Pinnacle Canyon Academy was a good time for petition backers to set up a table and get signatures for a traffic light to be placed at the intersection of 100 North and 600 East.

The intersection of 100 North and 600 East in Price is often a very busy intersection.

This is particularly true at times of day when faculty, parents and students are coming and going to and from Pinnacle Canyon Academy and Carbon High School. During those times 100 North becomes very difficult to cross.

Petitoners say that automobiles wishing to cross 100 North from the south have no clear line of vision during business hours, due to the fact that cars park along 600 East in front of the medical office building rather than parking in the parking lot. They contend that cars that park along the street at the medical office building obscure the visibility of those cars waiting at the painted line behind the stop sign at the intersection. The only way to get a clear view as to whether it is safe to cross is to illegally pull out across the painted line, pull forward over the cross walk, and nearly pull out into the lane of traffic to see if any cars are approaching up the hill from the west.

People signing the petition are upset because there are no cross walks running across 100 North. Students of all ages must cross an unmarked road in busy traffic at the top of a hill where their field of vision is often obscured by parked cars.

Petitioners say this is not a safe environment for school children to travel in. In addition, on the northwest corner of the intersection in question, there is no sidewalk for them to walk on.

Those signing are asking that the city put a traffic light in the intersection for the safety of motorists and children.

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