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Miners bury Dinos on grid iron

Scott Gibson (68) plows through the Minor's defense with the ball not far away.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

Region play began for the Dinos on Friday and the results were as expected; the powerful Park City Miners took Carbon apart 54-0.

Coach Leo Paur took his hat off to his opponent. "They were incredibly good. They have a large roster of kids; it seemed like they were all huge and fast as well.

"Their gym and weight room looks like a Gold's Gym. But our kids took it in stride."

The Miners put up 33 points in the first quarter then backed off, but scored twice more before the half. Park City added one more in the fourth quarter to end it.

Paur was impressed that his kids did their best to play hard until the end.

He had a lot of admiration for his quarterback Dusty Blackham who got sacked time and time again, but stood in there and played his heart out. Chris Rummel was also able to pick his game up.

Paur wants his team to believe they have a shot to beat ALA and Union in region action. He knows that Wasatch will have their way with the Dinos as one of the top ranked teams.

Despite losing there has been has been no mass exodus of players from the team. Paur has tried to do what he can to make sure the kids have fun playing no matter what. However, one player go for breaking school rules three times this season. The team is hanging in, but parents are getting frustrated. Paur understands that, but is blown away by the heckling he has been getting during the games from his own kid's parents.

"It totally destroys the morale of the kids on the sidelines. It does nothing to help us. I will not tolerate this and if I have to, I will cut the kids whose parents are causing the disruptions. I have coached teams that have made it to championships. I know how to coach and am as frustrated as everyone that we are still struggling. But to destroy the morale of the kids during a game is over the top. What are we teaching our young men with that behavior?"

ALA will come to Price on Friday to meet up with the Dinos. ALA has struggled this season and may be the team that the Dinos can break their losing cycle with. The last time Carbon played ALA, two years ago, they beat them 7-6.

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