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Letter to the editor: Set things straight



I was so happy to read the letter to the editor from Doug Fossat (Sun Advocate, Aug. 18, Check the facts) in answer to the letter from Jerry B. Anderson (Aug. 11, Sun Advocate, Health care access to bank accounts). I believe Mr. Fossat has set Mr. Anderson straight on this subject and there should be more trthful answers.

Also in that same issue a letter from Robert Warren (Sun Advocate, Working Americans) regarding the notion that reducing all the various taxes would create jobs is silly. It didn't work when Cheney/Bush gave all the tax breaks to the wealthy. Instead look what happened.

Also Mr.Warren's last sentence about the redistribution of wealth to (in his words) "lazy illegals" is just mean. Undocumented workers work very hard and they are exploited by employers for very low wages.

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