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Letter to the editor: Tribute



A wonderful tribute to my brother, Walt (Buck) Borla, appeared in the Sun Advocate on July 16. It was titled "Trophy ball rewards player's fight to overcome polio."

I remember Jimmy Lupo contacting polio in 1953. That was a blow to the whole community. Thank God that Jimmy learned how to walk again and he credits Buck with the fact he can walk without braces or a cane.

My brother lived and dreamed of starting the Helper Little League. Baseball has always been in his heart and to help young boys and girls in a sport in which they could participate. With his determination this was accomplished. To honor Walt the Little League field was named after him. My mother was so proud to be able to attend the dedication.

We are all proud to have Walt as a brother and an outstanding citizen of Carbon County.

Keep up the good work brother.

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