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Grandma wants a motorcycle ride

Gary Guymon rides his 1997 Harley Davidson Road King with his 94 year old grandmother.

Gary Guymon rides his 1997 Harley Davidson Road King every year on a road trip from Las Vegas where he lives and works. Each year he stops to seen his grandmother (Esther Snow who resides at the Heirloom Inn and has for 10 years). At 94 years young she has seen a lot after living in Hiawatha, Huntington and other places in Castle Valley. Last year at the age of 93 she asked Gary for a ride on his motorcycle.

"I thought she was joking with me so I said "Sure," said Guymon on Monday. "Believing she was bluffing she and I walked out to my bike. Before long it was clear that she was 'hell bent' on going for a ride. I began to worry about how I would get her on the bike and keep her on while we were out on the road. But with the assistance of one of the staff members and a stool she got on and went for a ride."

Guymon said it was absolutely clear that she loved it.

"I could hear the glee in her voice and her smile could be hidden," he said. "We went for a short ride and returned safely to the cheers of some of the residents and staff."

This past Sunday, Guymon came to Price again.

"I walked into the Heirloom Inn and saw my 94 year old grandmother sitting in her church meeting," stated Guymon. "I had wondered if her health would permit her to go for a ride and if she would ask."

Once the meeting was over they started to talk and the question inevitably came up again.

"I said yes and she immedicatelly grabbed a scarf and headed for the door," concluded Guymon.

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