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Rachel's Legacy presented at Carbon High

Larry Scott challenges community and students to do the right things when dealing with people.

Last year Carbon High School and the community were introduced to Rachel's Challenge and on Sept. 2 they were presented with the second part of Rachel's Challenge, called Rachel's Legacy.

Rachel Scott was the first girl killed in the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colo. in 1999. Her family has made it a point to help prevent these types of incidents in schools around the nation.

Last year the students at Carbon were given the five challenges from Rachel's Challenge which include:

Look for the best in others and eliminate prejudice.

Dare to dream, write goals and keep a journal.

Choose positive influences.

Acts of kindness equal huge results

Start a chain reaction with friends and family.

From last years' presentation Carbon High started the Friends of Rachel Club. The students in the club do acts of kindness and service to others and try to create an atmosphere of kindness in the high school.

This year's program was presented by Rachel's uncle, Larry Scott. He gave five new challenges to the high school and community.

Appreciate others, tell them and write them a card or letter.

Respond to needs. Open our eyes to people around us.

Be a first initiator. Never give up on life, self or education.

Be a see-througher not a look-attar

Forgive yourself and others.

"It was a great day for all who took part," said Carbon High principal Greg Stanfield. "The Friends of Rachel will continue to serve the students of Carbon High to make it a kinder and better school. We hope the community will do the same and make Carbon County a better place to live."

Stanfield added to that comment, "You may just start a chain reaction," based on the theme of the program.

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