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Still not enough for a win

Alexis Oliver dives to put the ball off of the serve into play.

Sun Advocate sports reporter

The Carbon High Volleyball team has run out of time to figure out the key to winning. Another preseason loss, this time to Delta, left Carbon win-less in preseason action. The Lady Dinos went down to the Rabbits 14-25, 21-25,25-23 and 22-25.

In game one Carbon jumped out to a small lead. Delta quickly found their footing and went ahead. Then service errors through out the match kept the Lady Dinos from making any run that could have helped them climb back into it and Carbon was quickly down 0-1.

In game two they played better. Serves went in and they stayed right with the Rabbits. But for most of the game they had to play catch-up and never did.

But in game three they jumped out early and kept a five point lead through most of the game. A bit of the Dinos of old showed through with crisp passing, good sets and hard hitting kills. Late in the game they faltered and let Delta tie it up at 17. The Rabbits went ahead and then Carbon tied it up at 20. The lady Dinos were able to finish things off and grab a much needed set to stay alive.

Game four was much the same as game three. Momentum was in favor of Carbon as they took another five point lead and held on for most of the game. This time Delta tied it at 20 and made sure they didn't let the Dinos take it back. Game, set, match to Delta as the Carbon fans were left shaking their heads as they filed out of the gym.

Joy Malone ended the night with 19 kills.

Coach Bob Potts was as frustrated as anyone after the final game: "All they had to do was run a little offense and they would have won game four and we would still be playing. We couldn't get any kills. When the passing was good, the setting was shaky. When the setting was good, the passing was not. And serving hurt us. But we start region play and we are ready. I limited substitutions and went with the rotation I plan to use in region play."

Park City will have their sights set on the Lady Dinos as Carbon heads North to take on the Miners in their first region match Thursday (today).

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