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Primary election day for E. Carbon

Sun Advocate publisher

Only one municipality in Carbon County is having a primary election this year during election season - for mayor and council seats - and East Carbon is now ready for voters to step up.

Today polling stations will open at the East Carbon Senior Citizens Center at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. this evening.

The city has four people running for mayor (Orlando LaFontaine, Andy Urbanik, Joyce Caviness and Charles M. Williams) and five people running for two four year council seats (David Fryer, Darlene Kunz, Cheryl McFarland, Marie Owens and Darrell Valdez).

The primary will eliminate one person from the mayor's race and one from the council race.

The vote will prepare the field for the general election which will take place on Nov. 3, when all municipalities in the county will vote for mayorial and council seats.

Once this primary election is passed, the candidates will have the opportunity to approach voters as the prime candidates for offices.

The Sun Advocate will have special pages in the paper on Oct.8. Between now and the end of September letters will be going out to all candidates to get their input on that publication.

The pages will give the candidates the chance to let voters know where they stand on important issues concerning their various cities.

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