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Letter to the Editor: Hats off to players


Congratulations to the Carbon varsity football players for pulling together in a great team effort to win their game against Union High, on Friday evening in Roosevelt. Since it was Union's homecoming game, they paraded their floats around the field at half time. We were appalled at the number of Carbon parents who would not even politely applaud for the students riding on the floats. What message were these adults sending to the teenagers?

We think it is really disappointing when Carbon gets a personal foul on them, which when the penalty is marked off, the other team scores a touchdown. It is one thing to lose a game when the other team outplays our team, but to lose it because of out of control behavior does not speak well for the self-control of our team members. We totally agree that all referee calls are not fair, but that does not justify poor behavior. Life is unfair at best, but each person needs to deal with it without acting out or mouthing off

Our hats are off to the Carbon players, who after tackling their opponent, would reach down and help him up. This often happened with two different Carbon boys helping one Union player off the ground. Boys, way to set an example for your parents of kindness and respect.

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