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Letter to the editor: Will not read again

By Jeff Brower


I just finished reading the amazing article Donald Kaul blessed us with in the Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009 opinion page in the Sun Advocate.

I was amazed at the command he has with the English language and the show of respect even further amazed me. I would like to respond to the points he made while vomiting forth the sputum we were subjected to in his article.

I am a conservative for the most part. Bill Clinton is a great man and deserves some respect from Republicans and Democrats alike. He did the best he could while serving as our President, and I thank him for his service to our great nation. Not all Republicans were appalled at his heroic retrieval of Laura Ling and Edna Lee. We were thankful he could do all America such a great service. I for one am happy we can call on President Clinton's service when we need him.

Next. Kim Jong-il is, after all, the leader of another great nation; North Korea. It is not in our best interest to call him a "whack job!" Indeed, it may be the opinion of many, but it serves no purpose to print such an insult.

The next paragraph further separates Republicans from "the rest of us." Donald, are you saying that Republicans are separate from the "rest of us?" I think if you met one of "us" on the street, you would have a hard time distinguishing between you and "us." And, we all love happy endings, even when it creates hard feelings with the likes of you, mister Kaul. The "rest of us" are just happy Laura and Edna are home and safe.

Now, Sonya Sotomayor is a different matter. There are those who consider her a little unfit for a seat on the Supreme Court. The Republicans are not alone on that matter. Read the votes.

I don't know who you are saying is dumb as a brick. It seems you are attacking white males in that paragraph. I am white, does that make me "dumb as a brick?" If you are looking for sympathy for your non-racist cause, maybe you should learn to cut out the racist remarks. I am quite insulted by your lack of compassion towards people like myself. We "dumb as a brick" white folks are just trying to make it in this world surrounded by superior races that can be defined only by people like you. I think that is the real root to racism. In fact, doesn't a remark like that label you as the racist?

Are you an expert on the economy, Mister Kaul? Can you take the reins of our national economic problems and find the ultimate solution? I feel sorry for the poor man that won the last Presidential election. He was stuck with the problems that were caused by both Democrat presidents and Republican presidents. We are seeing the result of problems that began over 100 years ago. Presidents have saved us in the past, but cursed the future generations many times over. You can blame it all on anyone you like, but as a whole we all have voted for the leaders we all have had in the past. By the way, there is no economic uptick. We are still sinking. Read the numbers. A negative slide is a negative slide. Less negative than some other number is still a negative number. We are not in recovery yet.

Now, I finally get to the meat of this complaint. What do yahoos, mountebanks, faith healers, ribbon clerks and tin foil collectors have to do with your argument? Are you trying to prove you have a better vocabulary than Rush? If I were a liberal, I would run as fast as I can to get away from the likes of you. The party is saying they want to heal past wounds and we hear people like you using language like that about people unknown of the other party.

Being a conservative does not mean I want to strip mine the wilderness. Being a conservative does not mean I have no regard for endangered species. Just because I am a conservative, I have a different view of how to repair our broken economy than you. Does that give you a license to insult me and call me names? I don't know about you Mister Kaul, but last time I looked, a free economy had little to no government controls. I think you are confusing it with a Communistic economy that is controlled by the government.

Finally, I don't know how this healthcare bill will pan out either, but if the healthcare issue could be solved, it would have happened by now, unless you are talking about someone smarter than Bill Clinton out there somewhere.

Mister Kaul, you have taught me something with this mucus you wrote though: If I see your name at the top of an article in the future, I will know not to waste my time reading it.

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