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Letter to the editor: Think about it



To the person who put a container of bright yellow paint in the garbage a few weeks ago I thought you might like to know what happened to that container.

It likely remained intact for a time after the garbage truck picked it up. But inevitably, it either tipped over and began to leak or was ruptured by the compression of the truck's compaction mechanism. Soon after, the paint found its way to the outside and began to drip on the ground.

You can see a nice curvy line of yellow paint running down 3250 South for quite some distance and a small puddle at each stop where the garbage truck paused to pick up someone's garbage.

And at the end of that route, where the truck stopped to pick up my garbage, there is a much larger puddle because before turning around at that point, the truck routinely sits there for a few minutes.

Shortly after the garbage pick-up that day, my wife came driving up 1750 East in our 2007 dark green Saturn and she failed to realize that there was a reason to avoid the yellow splotch in the road.

Now, I don't really mind the yellow paint inside the passenger side wheel wells, nor do I mind the paint on the tires on that side of the car, which is already wearing off. What I do mind is the bright yellow paint on the running board and the bottom of both passenger side doors of my vehicle.

I understand that some folks are not aware that there is a better way to dispose of paint than putting it in the garbage can. But I would hope that you are not one of the ones who is aware and simply did not care.

Next time you need to get rid of some paint and don't want to bother with proper disposal procedures, think about what might happen to your car if somebody else does what you did.

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