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Letter to the editor: You are fortunate

Las Cruces


With the world seemingly filled with self-serving, conscienceless scofflaws, it is most rewarding to find a glaring exception to that trend. You are fortunate to have such an individual in your reading area.

My wife and I stayed in Helper recently, and in a senior moment, I placed my wallet on the top of the car, and blissfully drove eastward. I stopped in Green River for refreshments, but couldn't locate that wallet. I was frantically groping around under the car seats when my cell phone rang. It was your own Jack Clark.

He and his wife saw my wallet on the highway somewhere between Helper and Price, stopped, and gathered up everything they could find. Then they spotted a business card with my number, and called it.

What a blessing.

Folks, there was over $350 cash, plus all my credit cards and credentials, and my drive back to Price was full of joy and relief. The Clarks had retrieved everything, safe and sound.

Remarkably, Mr. Clark would not accept my offer of reward. But, he will have my everlasting gratitude and admiration.

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