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Dino football woes plague a frustrating season with few bright spots, wins

Sports reporter

In a non-region game against the powerful 4A Uintah on Friday night, Carbon lost 51-0 to go to 0-2 on the season.

Things started out looking good, as the Dinos stopped the Utes on their first drive, forcing a fumble on the Ute's 15 yard line. Carbon followed up with two good runs, but then disaster struck as the Dino quarterback was sacked.

For some teams it would just have been one bad play to shake off, but for a team in the depths of a losing steak, it seemed to be an omen of things to come.

The Dinos headed into the locker room at the half, bruised and battered and down by 51. For the coaches there was little left to say.

Carbon came out in the second half and stopped the Utes on their first possession again and then both coaches began to play many of their second string players. The younger Dinos held their own against Uintah and the second half was a scoreless affair.

For the coaches, the play of the younger kids remains a bright spot in the rebuilding of a team. The Dino sophomores beat Uintah earlier in the week.

Coach Paur praised the play of Chris Rummel and Sammy Manarite despite the loss.

He also continues to emphasize that he has faith in this team and they are better than what they have shown on the field so far this season.

Grand will be the first team to take on the Dinos on the Carbon field this season. Game time will kick-off at 7 p.m.this Friday, Sept 4.

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