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Fire tower nearing completion

Staff reporter

A few weeks ago, the tower the county is building for the training of fire fighters, first responders and law enforcement officers was starting to take shape as the steel frame was erected by a construction crew from Wisconsin.

As of Wednesday, the construction was still underway, but the photos illustrate how far the project has come.

The tower, that is being built with a grant, will be done later in the fall and it will immediately be used by the various entities around the county for training.

Fire departments previously used old houses and structures for training purposes. But in recent years, the type of facility that is being built by the Carbon County Fairgrounds is a good example of modern training technology.

The problem with using old structures for fire fighting training are numerous. While burning the structures down may eliminate a hazard in a neighborhood, they can be deadly to those being trained.

Numerous incidents of injury and death have been reported during the years when "controlled burns" were placed in the structures. In some cases, damage to other buildings can result and water can create problems in a neighborhood when it is used to put out controlled fires.

The towers can be used to create almost any emergency scenario that rescuers and fire fighters might face.

The county's tower incorporates many issues associated with a real emergency situation like as three story fires, rescue from balconies and windows, multiple room fires and various roof pitches on which to work.

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