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Letter to the editor: Beautify forests



As I drive up the canyon on scenic Highway 31 from Huntington, it's beauty is over shadowed by dead pine trees killed by uncontrolled Pine Beetles. I then wonder if our forests are manager or simply observed.

The dead or dying trees might be removed for useful lumber. Shredded and non-shredded limbs could be placed in strategic location to reduce erosion. Pine Beetle traps could be place in the area during tree removal...the United States Forest Service should not make it a cost-inhibiting project.

A section of forest could be chosen as an area to ensure feasible...then proceed based on experience gained. A number of lumber companies should then be chosen to conduct tree removal in different sections of the forest.

We should manage and beautify our forests and not observe their destruction. It would be interesting to know the planned restoration and preservation of the forests here in Utah and the USFS.

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