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Staff column: Work on traffic, curtail the accidents

Sun Advocate publisher

The other day a petition came into my office from a number of people who live around Carbon High School. Twenty nine people to be exact.

The petition basically asks that the Price Police Department put the resources into the streets leading to the high school to control the traffic that comes and goes from the campus, particularly before and after school and during the lunch periods.

To quote the petition,"At these peak times, 'daily' police existence would not only slow the traffic, but also limit the making of dangerous left hand turns, the running of stop signs, and the racing of vehicles on 400 North. The law enforcement presence would ensure the safety of both the students and those living and driving near Carbon High School."

The petition was initiated over a number of things, but in particular a serious accident that happened last spring.

Obviously these residents are concerned about their familie's safety.

The police department is a key, along with the school district in controlling these problems. However, the police cannot be everywhere and the school district only has limited control over students off campus. Increased police presense will help, but sometimes officers are needed in other places, even in the middle of the day. A regular presense will keep many of the students driving habits honest, but the minute they know the police are not about, things will change. Just watch what happens when adult drivers do when a highway patrolman is on the freeway near them; everyone drives like little angels unless they don't see the officer or they are already in trouble. The minute that patrolman pulls off on the ramp, everyones speed goes up at least 10 mph and aggresive driving resumes.

We as adults are some of the worst examples for kids who are either driving or nearing the driving age. We run yellow lights, making rolling stops, drive too fast, make bad turns, tailgate, etc. If it can be done, most of us do it at one time or another. Everyone tells us we are the biggest influence on our kids when it comes to drugs, sex, ethics, etc. Then it would seem logical that we are also the biggest influence on our children's driving as well. The real control of these kids driving lies in the hands of the parents who supply vehicles to the students and almost always have their names on the titles of those vehicles.

I used to work at the college and when the high school got out every afternoon I wondered who the nut was that built that school at the end of what is basically a dead end street with no other outlet. It truly can be insane on that street at certain times of day.

I support any kind of police presense that will help make the area around the high school and college safer. Just remember, they can't do it alone.

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