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Price finalizes bond deals

Sun Advocate writer

The city of Price has been dealing with an assortment of tree issues all summer, ranging from the aesthetics of tree trimming vs safety, to planting new ones. However, on Aug 12. the city council was once again confronted with a tree dilemma because Gary Grako's Tires on 280 E Main, reports that trees in front of the business are blocking the sign.

The council heard the complaint from the business and offered compromises including trimming branches, or even moving the sign. After some discussion, it became apparent that safety issues were also present since the sidewalks surrounding the tree have become lifted by the roots. Although it was unclear how unsafe the situation was, the council expressed concern.

"I would like to be part of an inspection, (of the area in question)" said Councilmember Kathy Smith during the meeting. The council will review the possible tree removal after an inspection is made so a solution to the two problems can be resolved.

Price city has also entered into a franchising agreement with Emery Telcom (ET) in which a five year deal has been struck. While the council and the company had to add some revisions to the contract in order to reach a compromise, the contract has been signed and has come into effect as of July 1, 2009. The deal has granted ET access to city right-of-ways (telephone polls, streets and underground lines etc.) so that a new upgraded cable TV system may be installed.

After the five years is up according to the contract, the city will automatically renew the deal for another five years. This provision was part of the compromise, as the city did not want such a long commitment, while the company wanted more of a guarantee for their investment. In all the project is insured for a minimum of $3 million and the company owes five percent of all revenues to Price city.

Other approvals included the authorization for final payment of $132,211.58 to Intermountain Slurry Seal Inc for the slurry seal work that took place this summer around Price. Water bonds that were sold earlier this spring were approved for a total of $3.3 million.

Finally Mayor Piccolo presented problem with the city's irrigation system in which street gutters are used to get irrigation water across town. The mayor indicated that he has received complaints from a citizen in which his property has been damaged by the system and while the irrigation has been in place for decades, the problem could become an issue as the resident was very upset.

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